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Brindisi‎ • Carovigno • Ceglie Messapica • Cellino San Marco • Cisternino • Erchie • Fasano • Francavilla Fontana • Latiano • Mesagne‎ • Oria • Ostuni • San Donaci • San Michele Salentino • San Pancrazio Salentino • San Pietro Vernotico • San Vito dei Normanni • Torchiarolo • Torre Santa Susanna • Villa

The port of Brindisi is located in Brindisi, Italy.It is used for tourism, commercial and industrial shipping on the Adriatic Sea.Tourist traffic offer connections with the Balkan Peninsula and Turkey, while commercial concerns include coal, fuel oil, natural gas, and chemicals.For more than two millennia, the harbour has been involved in military and commercial operations.

Brindisi was founded in 1912 as F.B. Brindisi 1912 and refounded in 2011 by Miguel Ángel Brindisi with the current name.. F.B. Brindisi 1912. The team played in Serie C2 in the 2003–04 season.At the end of the year, the team went bankrupt and was placed in Eccellenza.. In the 2004–05 season of Eccellenza Apulia, Brindisi placed second, qualifying for the national playoffs.

Neskôr Brindisi dobyli Ostrogóti a znovudobyla Byzantská ríša. V roku 674 bolo zničené Longobardmi, ale vďaka svojej výnimočnej polohe, vhodnej na vybudovanie prístavu, bolo mesto opäť vybudované. V roku 1348 mesto zasiahol mor a roku 1456 zemetrasenie. Doprava. 6 km od mesta sa nachádza letisko Brindisi.

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Brindisi ( Italian pronunciation: ; in the local dialect: Brìnnisi; Latin: Brundisium ) is a city in the region of Apulia in southern Italy, the capital of the province of Brindisi, off the coast of the Adriatic Sea.Historically, the city has played an important role in trade and culture, due to its strategic position on the Italian Peninsula and its natural port on the Adriatic Sea.

Brindisi is a city in the South of Italy, right down in the “heel of the boot” in the region of Apulia (Puglia). Get in By Plane . Brindisi airport (IATA: BDS) is served …

Brindisi (grčki: Brentèsion ili Vrindhision, latinski: Brundisium) je glavni grad talijanske provincije Brindisi u regiji Apulija od 88 611 stanovnika. [1] Brindisi je još od srednjeg vijeka sjedište istoimene dijeceze .

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Brindisi este o comună din provincia Brindisi, regiunea Apulia, Italia, cu o populație de 89.165 de locuitori și o suprafață de 332.98 km². Demografie [ modificare | modificare sursă ] Brindisi – …

Brindisi je italské přístavní město v oblasti Apulie, hlavní město stejnojmenné provincie.Tento jadranský přístav byl dočasným hlavním městem Italského království ve válečných letech 1943–44; dnes slouží mj. jako základna sil NATO a hlavní distribuční místo OSN, která odtud rozváží pomoc do okolních prostorů (Afrika, Blízký východ atd.).

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A província de Brindisi, ou, na sua forma portuguesa, Brindes, [1] é uma província italiana da região de Apúlia com cerca de 281 548 habitantes, densidade de 202 hab/km². [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] Está dividida em 20 comunas , sendo a capital Brindisi .

The Province o Brindisi (Italian: Provincia di Brindisi) is a province in the Apulie region o Italy. Its caipital is the ceety o Brindisi . It haes an aurie o 1,839 square kilometres (710 sq mi) an a tot population o 401,652 (2013).

• Total: 402,093 • Density: 219/km 2 (570/sq mi): Postal Code: 72012-72015, 72017-72018, 72020-72027, 72029. Telephone prefix

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Brindisi Montagna is a municipality in the province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. Commons: Italy < Basilicata < Province of Potenza < Brindisi Montagna Brindisi Montagna

Brindisi is home television stations Teleradio Agricoltura Informazione and Puglia TV which began airing in January 1988 in Brindisi Cuisine Edit. Brindisi’s cuisine is a simple with ingredients used, starting with flour or unrefined barley, which is less expensive than wheat. Vegetables, snails, and bluefish figure prominently into its cuisine.

Brindisi är huvudstad i provinsen Brindisi i Apulien i södra Italien. Känd hamn för tågluffare på väg mot Grekland. Brindisi gränsar till kommunerna Carovigno, Cellino San Marco, Latiano, Mesagne, San Donaci, San Pietro Vernotico och San Vito dei Normanni.

Brindisi on kaupunki Italiassa. Se sijaitsee Apuliassa ja on Brindisin maakunnan pääkaupunki. Kaupungin asukasluku on 88 667 (2014) ja pinta-ala 328 km². Brindisi oli ennen Rooman valtakunnan aikaa mahdollisesti illyrialaisten asutus.

Brindisi (Italian pronunciation: (); local dialect: Brìnnisi; Laitin: Brundisium) is a ceety in the Apulia region o Italy, the caipital o the province o Brindisi, off the coast o the Adriatic Sea.

English: Miguel Ángel Brindisi de Marco (born 8 October 1950) is an Argentine football coach and former attacking midfielder. Media in category “Miguel Brindisi” The …

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Brindisi óvárosa a két ág közötti félszigetre épült. A kikötő a déli ág partjai mentén alakult ki, itt található az utasterminál is. Az északi ág mentén elsősorban halászhajók és teherhajók kötnek ki. A kikötő bejáratánál két kisebb sziget található, a Pedagne-szigetek.

F.B. Brindisi 1912; Full name: Foot-Ball Brindisi 1912: Founded: 1912: Ground: Stadio Franco Fanuzzi, Brindisi, Italy: Capacity: 7,600: Chairman: Francesco Barretta

The Brindisi is a secondary weapon for the Gunner class in Blitz Brigade. It is the default revolver for the Allies Gunner, and is one of two starting secondary weapons for the Gunner, the other being the Hideaway. It is based off of the Colt Python, and is named after the town of Brindisi

Cercamu persune de lu Salentu ntirissate a scrìvire artìcule, crande o pìccule, ‘n salentinu per lu nosthru pruscettu nciclupèdicu Wikipedia. Putete scrìvire quiddhru ca vulete (per esempiu l’artìcule subbra le cumune salentine).

Brindisi je industrijsko i trgovačko središte s razvijenom kemijskom i prehrambenom industrijom, te proizvodnjom vina. Brindisi je važna talijanska luka za putnički promet s Grčkom i Bliskim Istokom, a ima i zračnu luku. Sjedište nadbiskupije.

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Brindisi es un municipalitate que se trova in le provincia de Brindisi, in le region de Apulia, in Italia Pecietta de geographia Iste articulo es ancora in stato embryonic: illo es un pecietta .

Brindisi is the Discworld equivalent of Italy on Roundworld.The country is near-tropical, rimward and turnwise of Genua and includes a peninsula into the Gulf of Brindisi. The Roundworld namesake is a city of the same name in the Eastern part of the Italian “heel” peninsula.

Brindisi es una vila de la region italiana de Polha, capitala de la província omonima.Sa populacion èra estimada a 90 175 abitants en 2007.Sa superfícia totala es 328 km².

Brindisi (Sicilian: Brìnnisi) is a medium-sized city of Apulia, southern Italy. It is the third largest city of Salento peninsula (the “heel” of the Italian “boot”) and one of the busiest ports of the Adriatic Sea.

Brindisi codice postale 72100 lungitudine 17° 56′ 0′′ E latitudine 40° 38′ 0′′ N altitudine 15 metri superficia 328 km² populazione 88.667 dinsità 266 ab./km² nome abitanti brindisini Brindisi hè una cumuna di Puglia di a pruvincia di Brindisi. Teni 88.667 abitanti.

Brindisi. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Italiano: Brindisi è una città in puglia in Italia. Latina: Brundisium urbs Italiae in Apulia regione et caput Provinciae Brundisinae est. Cathedral. Column on via Appia. In Wikipedia. Aragonés;

Som dei andre hamnebyane i Puglia kom Brindisi ein kort periode under Republikken Venezia, men vart gjenerobra av Spania. Ein pest råka byen i 1348, medan jordskjelv gjorde store øydeleggingar i 1456. Brindisi kom under Austerrike i 1707-1734, og etter dette …

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Brindisi er borg í Apúlíu í Suður-Ítalíu með tæplega 90.000 íbúa. Borgin er höfuðstaður samnefndrar sýslu.Borgin er hafnarborg við strönd Adríahafs.Þaðan ganga ferjur til Grikklands og fleiri staða. Þessi grein er stubbur sem ekki hefur verið settur í undirflokk.

Brindisi (music)’s wiki: A brindisi ( pronounced [ˈbrindizi] ; Italian for “toast”) is a song in which a company is exhorted to drink, a drinking song. The word is Italian, but it derives from an old German phrase, (ich) bringe dir’s – “(I) offer it to y

This region travel guide to Brindisi is an outline and may need more content. It has a template, but there is not enough information present. If there are Cities and Other destinations listed, they may not all be at usable status or there may not be a valid regional structure and a “Get in” section describing all of the typical ways to get here.

Brindisi was part of two Argentine championship winning sides, his first title was the 1973 Metropolitano with Huracán and his second was the 1981 Metropolitano with Boca. Brindisi was the Argentine Primera’s top scorer in the Metropolitano tournament of 1972 with 21 goals.

The known writings of St. Lorenzo of Brindisi comprise eight volumes of sermons, two didactic treatises on oratory, a commentary on Genesis, another on Ezechiel, and three volumes of religious polemics.

Marina di Brindisi is situated in the inlet of Seno di Bocca di Puglia, half a mile N of the entrance to the middle harbour. It will be clearly seen to starboard once past the breakwater that extends S from the conspicuous fort of Castello del Mare.

Brindisi Rosso’s wiki: Brindisi Rosso is a red DOC ( Denominazione di Origine Controllata) wine from the Southern Italian province of Brindisi, in the region of Apulia. The official appellation was granted on November 22, 1979, when a presidential decree was

Brindisi (Q13496) From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Italian comune. edit. Language Label Description Also known as; English: Brindisi. Italian comune. Statements. instance of. town. 0 references. comune of Italy. 0 references. Wikipedia (77 entries) edit. anwiki Brándiz;

Ostuni je naselje u Italiji u provinciji Brindisi, u regiji Apulija.. Prema proceni iz 2011. u naselju je živelo 24157 stanovnika. Naselje se nalazi na nadmorskoj visini od 240 m.

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Brindisi Italiako hego-ekialdeko hiri eta portua (Itsaso Adriatikoa) eta izen bereko probintziako hiriburua. 79.784 biztanle.Artzapezpiku-egoitza. Nekazaritza-, merkataritza- eta industria-gunea. Sartu-irten handiko portua. Probintzia, nagusiki nekazaritza-eskualdea da (barazkiak, laboreak eta mahastiak).

Okrug Brindizi (it. Provincia di Brindisi) je okrug u okviru pokrajine Apulija u središnjoj Italiji.Sedište okruga pokrajine i najveće gradsko naselje je istoimeni grad Brindizi.. Površina okruga je 1.840 km², a broj stanovnika 402.934 (2008. godine).

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