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With 49, 55, 65 and 75 inch screen choices of the Samsung MU8000 series TV models sporting 4K screen resolution, LED display, and screen refresh rate of 120 Hz processor — luxury TV is truly within grasp of the average household budget.

The Samsung Clean Cable Solution eliminates clutter by neatly routing cords through the base of the TV stand. 360° Design The clean back finish of the MU8000 is designed to look good from front to back, whether mounted on the wall or sitting on a stand.

With all that said, the Samsung MU8000 comes ahead and for a better price in the end. So whatever you might be paying, the MU8000 would be my choice. P.S. If you decide on the Samsung Q6F, note that the 49″ (QN49Q6FAMFXZA) model does not has a true 10-Bit display.

The Samsung MU8000 might not be part of Samsung’s premium QLED line, but it’s packed with similar features, and one of its best features (aside from the brilliant 4K UHD picture with HDR) is

Top reasons why people like Samsung MU8000 49″ (UN49MU8000): 1. Good picture quality 2. Poor viewing angle 3. Suitable for watching sports 4. Accessible in

Samsung NU8000 is the mid-range model of Samsung’s 2018 Flat 4K HDR LED TV lineup while MU8000 is the predecessor, the mid-range model of Samsung’s 2017 4K HDR LED TV lineup. Like the predecessor MU8000, NU8000 also comes with 5 screen sizes available including 49 Inch (UN49NU8000 vs UN49MU8000), 55 inch (UN55NU8000 vs UN55MU8000), 65 Inch

Samsung Q7C 65″ (QN65Q7C) is ranked 129th while Samsung MU8000 49″ (UN49MU8000) is ranked 192nd. The most important reason people chose Samsung Q7C 65″ (QN65Q7C) is: The Samsung Q7C is an excellent option for sports fans because the TV can display fast and dynamic content very clearly.

Jul 10, 2017 · What is the Samsung UE49MU7000T? The UE49MU7000T is a 49-inch 4K LCD TV from just above the middle of Samsung’s 2017 range. you may want to check out the Samsung MU8000,

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Samsung UN49MU8000F 8 Series – 49″ Class (48.5″ viewable) LED TV overview and full product specs on CNET.

Finally, the 49-inch MU8000 is the first Samsung set to come in below $1,000, as well as the first set that might be a better fit for smaller living rooms or for master bedrooms.

Sep 08, 2017 · The Samsung UN49MU6400 (known as the UE49MU7000T in the UK) isn’t the company’s most glamorous TV of 2017. It doesn’t use the South Korean manufacturer’s new QLED technology to boost the

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Aug 14, 2017 · Hands-on review of the Samsung MU8000 LED 4K HDR TV Full review: The Samsung MU8000 is a capable 4k LED TV th

MU8000 is flat and will be available in 49, 55, 65, and 75” sizes. MU7000 is also flat and will be available in 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82” sizes. You can find a specifications overview at the bottom.

Samsung has a ton of deals in store for Black Friday, but TVs are obviously the stars of the show this year and every year. 49” MU8000: $1,199 to $699 65” MU8000: $2,199 to $1,299

Find here the best TV Settings for the Samsung MU8000 (MU7000) from different well known sources. The MU8000 is Samsungs mid Class UHD TV. The TV is available in 49 …

The three screen sizes of 49, 55, and 65 inches have amazing prices for the abundance of smart technology found with these TVs. The Samsung Smart Hub makes the navigating between TV and apps very easy with fast response. The Samsung MU6500 has one universal remote that works by voice command to change settings and to search content.

The Samsung MU8000 sits right at the sweet spot for most people, with a 55” coming in at just over $1,000 as we write this review. For that price you get 4K resolution, HDR with wide color gamut support, integrated apps with voice search, a very nice design, and it …

Samsung MU8000 is the flat model of Samsung’s 2017 Series 8 while Samsung MU7000 is also a flat model of the Series 7. In the market, there are 4 screen sizes options available for MU7000 including 40 Inch (UN40MU7000), 49 Inch (UN49MU7000), 55 Inch (UN55MU7000), 65 Inch (UN65MU7000), while MU8000 is also available with 4 screen sizes options

Samsung Q6F 49 inch, Samsung MU8000 49 inch, or Sony 900e 49 inch? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, I would be using it for blueray movies and ps4 pro gaming. Thanks for any insight and have a great day!

If you’re in the market for a hot new 2017 TV, we can see why Samsung’s MU7000 series is a good place to start hunting. The newly announced 2017 models are available in 40-, 49-, 55-, and 65-inch with pricing from $699–$1,699.

Samsung UN49MU8000FXZA 49″ Class 4K SUHD TV Bundle – Discover a New Level of Realism. The Samsung UN49MU8000FXZA 120Hz 2160p Smart LED TV bundle with remote lets you feel all the action and emotion on the screen for an enriching viewing experience.

Nov 09, 2018 · Probably in the MU8000 series firmware (1240.7) is an unofficial implementation of HDR10 +, but works badly with Amazon Prime Video (supports HDR10 +). In the dark frames there is a flashing. Films with standard HDR on Netflix (does not support HDR10 +) do not have this problem. Samsung must immediately fix HDR10 + in the MU8000 series!

Buy the Samsung UN49MU8000 Flat Panel Television and other Flat Panel Televisions at

Brand, series, model Information about the brand, series, model and model aliases.

Nov 29, 2017 · The UE55MU7000 (known as the MU8000 in the UK) is more impactful with the sort of bright 4K, HDR images it was essentially made for than pretty much any rival in …

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Samsung 49″ MU8000 Ultra HDTV The Samsung 49″ MU8000 Ultra HDTV redefines the viewing experience that produces over a billion colors with 4K Color …

Nov 26, 2017 · When I saw the mu8000 49 it was connected to a samsung HW-MS650 soundbar and to my ears it sounded spectacular though the wireless sub (which is sold seperately) was a bit over bassy than what it should be, however the display didnt have controls for the sub just volume. But the dialogue was completely clear.

The wall mount brackets listed below are fully compatible with the Samsung UN49MU8000FXZA 49″ MU8000 4K UHD TV. Wall Mount World is your source for various types of m ounting bracket solutions such as flat (fixed position), tilting and articulating (full motion, pivot, cantilever).

Samsung MU8000 is a part of Samsung’s 2017 Premium UHD TV lineup while Samsung KS8000 is a part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup. In the market, MU8000 is available on the number of screen sizes including 49 Inch (UN49MU8000), 55 Inch (UN55MU8000), 65 Inch …

Samsung UN49MU8000 is also the smallest screen size options of Samsung MU8000. Samsung UN49MU8000 is completed with UHD Dimming that combined with UHD Upscaling to deliver brilliant picture quality from both original 4K content sources or from …

The Q6 is factually the better TV. Samsung’s pricing model makes no sense. It has the quantum dots for better color volume and is brighter. If memory services me correctly, the Q6 is still an 8 but panel and uses dithering to mimic a wide color gamut (just like the NU8000.) The 49” model is also a 60HZ panel.

Samsung MU7000 4K UHD HDR TV Review (UN40MU7000, UN49MU7000, UN55MU7000, UN65MU7000) Another better choice would be the Samsung MU8000 (the smallest model you can get is the 49″ version

Visit BrandsMart USA to shop our Samsung UN49MU7000 49″ Class Smart LED 4K UHD TV With Wi-Fi and view all of our Smart TVs deals. Your Favorite Brands at Low, Low Prices.

Watch video · Samsung’s KS8000 has a lot of things going for it, but its image quality is eclipsed by some less expensive sets that perform better.


The Samsung MU8000 Ultra HDTV redefines the viewing experience that produces over a billion colors with 4K Color Drive Extreme and a High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture. Our new Smart TV user-interface (UI), the new Smart Remote

Jun 28, 2017 · The MU8000 sits at the top of that with the Samsung MU9000. While it’s clear that Samsung has reserved its best for the QLED range, the MU8000 packs a few pleasant surprises.

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The Samsung MU8000 Ultra HDTV redefines the viewing experience that produces over a billion colors with 4K Color Drive Extreme and a High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture. Our new Smart TV user-interface (UI), the new Smart Remote Controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more

‎05-15-2018 02:49 PM. Re: 2017 Samsung MU8000 Turns itself on. 800-726-7864. Be sure to click ” Accept as Solution” when you find an answer that works for you. 2017 Samsung MU8000 Turns itself on. Please add me to this growing list. I have a ue49mu7070 which has turned itself on at random times of the day. It’s connected to a Sky HD box

Video Only has TV set’s for much lower than advertised Black Friday Deals. Their pricing on the Samsung MU8000 4K TV’s were lower than Costco, Best Buy, Fry’s and Amazon’s Black Friday pricing.

See our list of Samsung 2017 MU series 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs, features and pricing after the jump: Samsung MU6300. Samsung MU6500. 49-inch UN49MU6500, (Price TBA) 55-inch UN55MU6500, (Price TBA) Samsung MU8000 Series.

49″ TVs. Showing the single result. Samsung 49″ Class Q6FN QLED Smart 4K UHD TV (2018) $ 799.00 Add to cart. Find a store near you. Enter your postal code, city and / or state. Click the dropdown to find what you’re looking for. 7 Secrets to Getting the BEST TV for the LOWEST PRICE

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Samsung UN49MU8000FXZA 49″ Class 4K SUHD TV Bundle – Discover a New Level of Realism The Samsung UN49MU8000FXZA 120Hz 2160p Smart LED TV bundle with remote lets you feel all the action and emotion on the screen for an enriching viewing experience.

Sep 09, 2016 · In the battle of curved TV versus flat TV, most people sit firmly in one camp or the other. If it’s the former, Samsung’s 2016 range of TVs has you covered. If it’s the latter, you are a little more limited. This means, in absolute terms, the Samsung KS8000 is the company’s flagship flatscreen

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View content at four times the resolution of 1080p with the Samsung MU7000-Series 49″-Class HDR UHD Smart LED TV. This TV has a 48.5″ LED-backlit LCD display, and incorporates Motion Rate 120 technology to digitally enhance fast-moving images to reduce blur.

The MU8000’s television stand lets you run cables through it, keeping all your connections out of sight and leaving the elegant, minimal TV design uncompromised. Samsung TV Plus Getting the very best from 4K UHD, the Samsung UE49MU8000 49 inch TV raises the bar. Specification . Print all features. 3D TV

Samsung UE55MU8000 design & features: spot the difference Just because the MU8000 is a mid-range telly, doesn’t mean Samsung is about to slack on its design. The bezel might not be quite as razor thin as it is on Samsung’s QE55Q7 and the stand not quite as elegant, but it remains a lovely looking TV that’ll fit right into most homes.

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